Pelvic floor patient receiving treatment for post-hysterectomy symptoms at Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ.


A hysterectomy is a surgery to remove a woman's uterus. During the surgery the whole uterus is usually removed. Your doctor may also remove your fallopian tubes and ovaries. After a hysterectomy, you no longer have menstrual periods and cannot become pregnant.

Post Hysterectomy Complications:

• Abdominal bloating
• Abdominal pain
• Scar tissue
• Hip pain
• Sacral pain
• Decreased hip mobility
• Low back pain
• Pelvic floor pain

Pelvic floor physical therapy can address all of the above dysfunctions and teach the patient how to strengthen the surrounding structures to compensate for the newly created “space” within the abdominal cavity.

What's The Next Step?

At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, our certified physical therapists will provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine what the best treatment plan will be for you. We understand how inhibiting pain and stiffness can be, and we want to help get you back to comfortably living your life. We'll help lift all of your physical stresses away!

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