Image of a physical therapist treating a Pelvic Health patient in Madison, NJ.

Online Telehealth Treatment

Can't make it to our Pelvic Health Center in New Jersey? Set up a Pelvic Health Online Telehealth Session instead. From the comfort of your own home, speak with one of our board-certified pelvic health physical therapists about your unique issues and pelvic floor concerns. Whether you are a Pelvic Health NJ patient or not, you are welcome to schedule a time to meet with one of us on. If you are a patient and your current physical therapist is available we suggest you schedule with them. If your physical therapist is not available you are welcome to schedule with any one of us. We provide state-of-the-art online consultations and educational guidance through Zoom and other tools with decades of clinical treatment experience and telehealth-specific treatment experience.

Here are some benefits of an online appointments for pelvic floor physical therapy:

1) We can go over your exercises

During an online pelvic floor physical therapy appointment, we can demonstrate how well you’ve been performing with your home exercise program and give you advice. You can also show us what you’ve been doing for regular exercise at home and receive modifications for it.

2) You have a safe space to ask questions

When being treated for your pelvic floor via telehealth visits, some concerns may arise such as discomfort with sexual intercourse or bowel issues. One of the Pelvic floor physical Therapists can give you recommendations on positions or daily habits that can make a world of difference. Now that you've had some space and time to think, you may have thought of some more questions to ask as well. We have a ton of resources for you in regards to helping you physically.  

If you are unable to come into the office, one of our pelvic floor physical therapists can guide you verbally during a telehealth visit on how to use dilators or a pelvic wand by using a model of the pelvis. This will allow you to increase blood flow to your tissue and enable you to continue with your progress.

Please email to book an appointment, or call our office at 908-443-9880.