Pelvic floor patient receiving treatment for nerve pain at Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ.

Nerve Pain

What is nerve pain?

Nerve pain, or neuropathic pain, is usually due to damaged nerves that send false signals that result in chronic pain. Also, the signals may not function to register the pain associated with an injury normally. In a case like this, the person may lack a pain response indicating injury. Sometimes, no reasons can be found for nerve pain. In other instances, there are many reasons for nerve pain from diabetes and shingles to cancer.

Symptoms of nerve pain can vary from patient to patient and may encompass the following:

• Stabbing pain
• Prickling pain
• Burning pain
• Tingling pain
• Loss of feeling or numbness
• The above descriptions of pain that can get worse at night and cause difficulty sleeping
• The above descriptions of pain that worsens over time or becomes progressive

What's The Next Step?

At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, our certified physical therapists will provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine what the best treatment plan will be for you. We understand how inhibiting pain and stiffness can be, and we want to help get you back to comfortably living your life. We'll help lift all of your physical stresses away!

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