Pelvic floor patient receiving treatment for scrotal / testicular pain at Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ.

Scrotal / Testicular Pain

How is scrotal / testicular pain caused?

Pain in the scrotum and testicles can be caused by multiple factors. When caused by testicular torsion, it is important to see urgent care immediately as this condition is considered a medical emergency.

Other factors leading to testicular pain can include orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, kidney stones, mumps, chronic prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, and polyarteritis nodosa.

What's The Next Step?

At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, our certified physical therapists will provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine what the best treatment plan will be for you. We understand how inhibiting pain and stiffness can be, and we want to help get you back to comfortably living your life. We'll help lift all of your physical stresses away!

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