Mother holding her baby after performing postpartum pelvic floor treatment at Pelvic Health PT in Madison, NJ.

Transgender / Gender Diverse Patients

We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly facility

• Our founder, Zarina Vitebsky, was trained by Hollis Herman (founder of Herman & Wallace and Transgender Advocate)
• All of our staff and clinicians are provided with gender sensitivity training
• All therapy is conducted in our private rooms
• All intake forms created & approved by LGBTQIA+ standards

We take extra care to make sure our clinic is safe and inclusive for everyone

• Constantly updating and educating all staff with continued education training and LGBTQIA+ approved training
• Every patient's privacy and safety is our top priority

How we treat Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:

• Soft tissue mobilization
• Manual therapy
• Myofascial release
• Modified Thiele's massage for high tone
• TrP release
• Muscle uptraining / downtraining
• Therapeutic exercise
• Dilators
• Milli Expanding Dilator
• Scar release
• Home treatment program
• Position modification
• Orthopedic physical therapy

For more information, contact The Pelvic Health Center of NJ at 908-443-9880 or email us at