What Are the Available Treatment Options for Prostatitis and How Can Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Treatment Help?

By Dr. Zarina Vitebsky, DPT, MSPT, PRPC, TPS, LPF, DN on 9/20/2023


In our previous blog posts, we discussed the difference between prostatitis and pelvic floor dysfunction (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome). We touched upon the 4 types of prostatitis, and their characteristics. Now, let's discuss initial evaluation and the available treatment options for prostatitis!

What to expect on initial evaluation:

  • External Exam: Here at Pelvic Health, we look at the entire person and not just localized areas of pain. Pelvic pain is closely intertwined with the regions above and below isolated pain so expect an evaluation of hips, pelvis, nervous system and lumbar spine.

  • Pelvic Exam: Assessment of the pelvic floor muscles, identifying dysfunction and abnormal activation and sensitivity in the muscles.

  • Psychosocial Exam: Stress can cause or be a result of pain. In any case it is a nasty emotional state and only adds to the already mounting sensitisation of your pelvic area. This positive feedback loop feeds into increased stress hormones, cortisol. More sensitisation causes greater pain through spasms

Treatment options:

Based on the examination findings, the physiotherapist has a varying number of tools in their toolbox!

  • Myofascial release

  • Coordination Exercises/Training

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Manual therapy

  • Relaxation Exercises

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Behavioral Recommendations

  • Postural Education/training

  • Biofeedback

  • Education/training on home exercise program

  • Modalities (e-stim, TENS, ultrasound, etc.)

  • Manual treatment alongside compliance to a comprehensive home exercise program can help decrease symptoms and improve function.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of prostatitis, reach out to us here at the Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Center in Madison, NJ to set up an evaluation & assessment! Feel free to call us at 908-443-9880 or email us at

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