Pelvic floor patient receiving lymphatic drainage treatment at Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ.

Lymphatic Drainage

A lymphatic drainage massage is used to relieve pain and swelling as well as promote relaxation and detoxification. Your lymphatic system is used to eliminate fluid waste within the body. When exposed to inflammation or trauma, fluid builds up in your lymph nodes and can cause pain, heaviness, and lack of mobility. At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy we offer a mild lymphatic drainage massage for patients who have experienced chronic swelling due to injury, post-surgery, or systemic swelling. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and is performed by one of our licensed therapist in a private treatment room.

What's The Next Step?

Scheduling an appointment is the first step to figuring out whether or not lymphatic drainage treatment is right for you. At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine what the best treatment plan will be for you. We understand how inhibiting pain and stiffness can be, and we want to help get you back to comfortably living your life. We'll help lift all of your physical stresses away!

Please email to book an appointment, or call our office at 908-443-9880.