Pelvic floor patient receiving thermography imaging treatment at Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ.

Thermography Imaging & Wellness

What Is Thermography And When Might We Use It To Diagnose Pain?

Thermography is a 100% safe imaging test that can reveal a road map to improve your health, wellness and life longevity.  Thermography is non-invasive and painless, involves no radiation, no contact, is private and F.D.A. Certified. Thermography is not an x-ray and there is no touching or compression of the body. Thermography is a test of physiology that uses a very sensitive medical digital infrared-sensing camera that develops a color image on a computer of a body’s thermal patterns. 

• Safe, easy , pain-free, and radiation-free
• Provides a color coded temperature “fingerprint”
• No contact, compression, or pain
• Detects physiological changes of the body in real time imaging
• Identifies inflammatory conditions by temperature changes

Thermography uses an infrared thermometer to detect temperature changes in your skin, usually between two extremities. The test may be used to aid in evaluating patients who suffer from chronic pain.

Thermography provides clues to the presence of diseases and abnormality that alter the temperature of the skin, including circulation problem & inflammation. The use of heat emanating from the surface of the body to detect disease processes is of an ancient origin. The recent application of modern thermographic methodology to detect surface blood flow patterns is merely a refinement of the older techniques.

There is a well recognized, relationship between both acute and chronic decreased blood flow and pain. In fact, the report of burning or tingling pain usually leads the diagnostician to look for a source of decreased blood flow.

Thermography has found to be effective in assessing and tracking pain related problems having associated vascular changes. It has also proven to be particularly effective in detecting and tracking changes in burning phantom limb pain.

What can Thermography be used for?

There are 3 broad, overlapping areas in which thermography is especially useful:
• Inflammation - By definition, one of the fundamental characteristics of inflammation is heat. Inflamed tissue is literally “hotter” than the tissue around it. And because virtually every chronic disease is born of inflammation, thermography can be used to visualize problems long before they become dangerous.
• Pain and other Neurological Disorders - Because pain is a second defining characteristic of inflammation, thermography is very good at visualizing debilitating neurological diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic regional pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Even acute injuries like sprains, strains and contusions can be evaluated and monitored through the use of medical thermography.
• Evaluating pain - Thermography can help narrow down the many possible causes of pain, either chronic or acute: arthritis vs. tendonitis vs. neurological dysfunction vs. vascular pathology, etc. Anyone, male/female/other, can benefit from thermography.

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